Early life

Born in April 1983, Dr. Pedram Rostami is an Iranian American tech entrepreneur and investor. Along with his younger sister, Dela, he was raised in Tehran by his Mother, who is an archaeologist and Father, an Industrial Engineer.

An avid swimmer, Pedram was being scouted by the National Swim Team by the age of 10. Pedram recalls those competitive days of practice and schooling. "It was kind of tough to operate on such level of competitiveness while going to school and keeping up my grades. Imagine being a 10-year-old who has to wake up at 4:00 am to get to the team’s morning training session, leave for school right after, head back for evening training after school, and finally get home around 7:00PM, but still somehow manages to do well in school because it was expected. It was not easy, was never supposed to be, but it was also full of life lessons that I carry to this day. Now in my 30's, I still wake up 4:30 am to go for a run or hit the gym! But the most significant experience that really stuck with me was that discipline and dedication pays off; whatever your goal might be, if you are disciplined, you can achieve it".

Upon moving to the United States to pursue educational opportunities, Pedram lived in numerous States exposing him to the diversity of American culture and its distinctive micro-economies. Since 2013, he has been a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona. He fondly reminisces about his experiences before he established permanent residency in Arizona, “I am not a big fan of moving, but it helped me to learn about each society even if it was for a brief time, not just on social fronts but also economic and cultural aspects of it as well".


Pedram's educational journey began at the University of Tehran, where he earned a degree in Mining Engineering with a concentration on Exploration. At the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, he completed a master's degree in Mineral Exploration. In 2013 he obtained his Ph.D. at U.N.R. with his dissertation that focused on the determination of an effective turbulent dispersion coefficient as a function of Reynolds number for a linear equation (Rostami et al., 2013) in which he studied and analyzed C.F.D. dispersion of the contaminate gases in the underground opening. Beyond academic studies, Pedram continues his educational quest by learning and reading about management and leadership, making it a focus in his career.

Industrial Experience

Pedram began his career as an exploration intern at the Iranian Oil and Gas industries, where he moved up to engineer in training and eventually worked for a coal mining operation.

While pursuing his master's in the United States, he took on a part-time teaching role. Upon completion of his master’s program, Pedram was hired by Strathmore Minerals to work on Roca Honda Uranium deposit. During his tenure with Strathmore Minerals, he began exploring his entrepreneurial nature by starting his first industrial design company, which focused on car design and stylization of concept sports cars.

In 2010 he received an offer for a doctorate candidate position at the U.N.R. and did his dissertation at the Barrick Gold Strike mine in Nevada. Upon the completion of the doctorate program in 2013, he was hired by Stantec as a project specialist who quickly pivoted into a project management role. He continues to this day as a Senior Associate at Stantec.

In 2017, with the help of his sister Dela Rostami, he started P.D.R. V.C. with a focus on Startups and funding potential projects. Later, they started the AWAYN together.

Reflecting on the beginnings of his adventures as an entrepreneur and founding companies, Pedram says, "looking back, yes, we had our struggles and countless challenges, but our companies have grown substantially since, and the journey has only begun." Throughout the last decade, Pedram has expanded his horizons on every personal and professional levels. When questioned about this phase of his life and his hopes for the future, he says, "in the last decade or so I have learned so much about management, leadership and structuring companies and teams to succeed but most importantly never to give up and stay focused. The most fun I have is when we find solutions to problems, and when we find our way to overcome the obstacles."


Pedram has two distinctive hobbies, a passion for flying and a love of programming and coding. He has constructed a half dozen 3D printers and C.N.C. machines of various sizes used to print industrial models, which he considers his main hobby.

Pedram Rostami

2008-ROSTAMI Motors

In 2008 I Started my first industrial design company, which focused on car design and stylization of concept sports cars

2009-ROSTAMI Motors Press Coverage

I make plenty of sketches and 3D car models, but this time I set out to create a true dream car, for the appearance, I did not hesitate to give an aggressive and arrogant look, couple with a powerful and admiring echo of Stingray!

2017-P.D.R. VC

In 2017 with the help of my sister Dela, I started P.D.R. VC with a focus on Startups and funding potential projects. "We believe in technologies that help us shed a light on different parts of the world, learn about their cultures, traditions and bring us closer to better appreciate our differences, so we can re-build this planet!"


In 2019 we started AWAYN. At AWAYN, we see traveling as a way to get out of our comfort zone, immerse in other local cultures, and to explore the world! We love adventures that give us the unique local experience rather than the same old tourist destinations, and that’s why we started AWAYN; to share, explore, and travel the world like a local!

“ discipline and dedication pays off; whatever your goal might be, if you are disciplined, you can achieve it ”

Pedram Rostami