Early Life

Dela Rostami is a multi-disciplinary designer, technology entrepreneur, and artist. She is a partner at AlienChild studio and the co-founder and Chief Editor of AWAYN.

Dela Rostami was born in January 1987 in Tehran. She embraced design and technology at a very young age. "My mother introduced me to the arts, music, and movies, and my father introduced me to technology."

At the age of 13, she built her first music website, ramband.com. "Ram Band wasn't a real band. It was me playing different tunes and sample beats on my Windows 98, which I would upload online. Since early on, I believed technology and art are not two separate entities; they complement each other and can create incredible art."

In her late teenage years, Dela moved to London, England, where she exposed herself to a variety of artistic fields. "London is a diverse, colorful, and captivating place. It is both medieval and cutting-edge, simultaneously Victorian and modern. Living there taught me so much about the arts. It was then that I realized how much I love graphic design."

Eventually, Dela moved to the United States, where she studied graphic design at Minnesota State University Moorhead. She later entered a fully-funded Master's program at UC Davis in California to study UX Design.


Dela began her design career at the age of 21 at WNBC, New York. Later, Dela moved to California to pursue her master's degree. Even before she graduated, she received small gig offers from a variety of Silicon Valley startups as a UI/UX designer.

In 2017, with the help of her older brother Pedram Rostami, she started P.D.R. V.C. with a focus on startups and funding potential projects. Later, they began AWAYN , a travel guide, and a digital media publisher together.

"For us starting AWAYN came so naturally. We've lived in three different continents, and since moving to the U.S., we've lived in ten different states. When you get to live in cities that each has different socioeconomic and cultural structures, then you learn to embrace your differences and enjoy what each place has to offer."


Dela has a deep-rooted passion for movies, motion graphics, and exhibition arts, and in her spare time, she spends hours making experimental exhibitions in art galleries or small animations on her laptop. In 2015-year her short animation, Creature Part I won the best student animation in London Student Animation Show.

AWAYN Documentary

AWAYN is a short documentary capturing different backpackers from third world countries who are making the first solo trips outside of their countries. The movie captures these backpackers' first reactions.

Art Exhibitions

Simple material and marketing experiment: Discovering the effectiveness of information in an expanded academic museum environment. Predominantly, how to create a welcoming, engaging exhibit and wayfinding experiences that connect with broad demographic audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds.

“ The best advice I have ever read was from Salvador Dali. He says: “Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.” that is the business/ entrepreneurial advice anyone can give you ”

Dela Rostami