Dela Rostami is a front-end developer and UI designer.

Dela has received her BFA from Minnesota State University, Moorhead and her master’s degree in UX Research design from UC Davis. Her years of experience as an Art-Director in successful start-up firms will provide practical solutions to any design and marketing challenge that faces your company.


Dr.Pedram Rostami is a Geological/Geo-Physical engineer

Pedram's has more than 10 years of diverse experience in the Mining & Metal, Energy, Industrial Design and Information Technology sectors. His years of consulting and management experience will provide operational insights, business evaluations, process optimizations, engineering oversight, program development, and ensuring your project’s financial and strategic goals success.


Our Articles


AWAYN Outdoors Adventures-Barcelona

In Europe, you have the diversity of coastal France, bustling Italy, romantic Greece right to the eastern beauties of Czechoslovakia and Romania, whilst the Catalan capital of Barcelona retains its own attitude, unlike any other Spanish city.


Interview with Bryan Maltais

Bryan can you tell us a bit yourself? What was your childhood like? I grew up mostly in New Jersey and spent every free moment looking for animals in the woods and wetlands. There was no wilderness around where I lived, but back then there were still wood lots and empty fields that a kid could explore. If I couldn’t be outside, I got my nature fix by watching nature documentaries. Later, I moved to Missouri where I went to college and majored in wildlife biology. After that, I’d had enough of the east, and needed big mountains so I moved to Colorado.


Summer of Cole/Cold Mountain

Amherst County's Cole Mountain Loop is a medium-level (Moderate and not too difficult.) 6.5-mile hike located in George Washington National Forest's Pedlar Ranger District. This trail (also known as "Cold Mountain") is one of Central Virginia's only hikes that crosses incredible pastures & a summit.


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